Stress-Testing LTSP was Re: No Sound with Flash in Firefox

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Wed Jul 18 21:03:29 BST 2007

> We can start off keeping things really simple but what might be nice if we
> get past the first few hurdles would be to have different usage profiles
> (basic web user, power web user, office user) which you can choose from.
> > It would be nice to have a standard way of testing and be able to put
> > together some sort of matrix that could state for average student use a
> > server of size X could handle X amount of users.
> Yes and give details like "based on 50% of users running firefox loading
> pages approximately every 30 seconds".  I have no idea what a "real"
> user's activity looks like, eg if they're surfing how many pages do they
> load per second?  The pages probably tend to come in bursts too, rather
> than spread out evenly.
> I would hope the basic test we could get an answer to is with N users
> logged in with gnome and openoffice/firefox running and intermittently
> active, how "usable" is system Y?  You could try switching to XFCE or KDE
> and see can you get more users.  If you can get it to start performing
> poorly, munin would hopefully give you an idea what the problem was (RAM,
> CPU, disk access).

When you get to the point that you think things are polished enough that you might want
someone to give it a try, let me know.  I would be happy to run our system through it's
paces.  I will be out of town until next Monday, but my new clients will all be set up
and ready to test at that time.

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