Gutsy-Tribe2 - No successful booting

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Wed Jul 18 09:18:56 BST 2007


On Tue, 17 Jul 2007, Reiner Schmid wrote:

> I don´t know I have to type in the command sudo ltsp-update-image.
>    in "How do I set the root password on the thin clients?" someone 
> should fill in the missing word "chroot" ;-)

It's a wiki -- feel free to make corrections :-)

> It is a VGA compatible controller Intel Corporation 82815 CGC rev04
> The ending of Xorg6.log was "Fatal server error: No screens found"
> So the warnings/informations of this log file:
> New driver is "i810"
> (ww) Open  acpi failed  ...  - > (I tried in tftboot/pxeconfig/default 
> acpi=off)
> (EE) open /dev/fbo no such file...
> Depth24 ..framebuffer bpp 32
> (EE) I810(0): Given bpp (32) is not supported by 810 driver
> UnloadModule(s)..........
> (EE) Screens found, but none have a usable configuration
> Fatal server error: No screens found

So it would appear to be autoconfiguring 32-bit, but 32-bit isn't actually

Try putting a stanza like this into /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf:


with the mac address of your thin client in the brackets.  If that doesn't
work try dropping to a colour depth of 16.

If this fix works, we should report a bug against xorg with lspci -vv on
the thin client, so it can be fixed to autoconfigure the correct colour
depth with this hardware.


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