Sound configuration for solid state thin client: eBox 2300 for Edubuntu 7.04

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Mon Jul 16 23:44:14 BST 2007


On Mon, 16 Jul 2007, Philipp Hanselmann wrote:

> Ok I was successfully with compiling and I was also able to load the
> driver on the thin client. cat /proc/interupts shows me that the driver
> is using an interrupt. When I am using "cat /proc/kcore > /dev/dsp ." , I
> can hear some static and noise. 

If you can put a wav file on the image and cat that to /dev/dsp you may get
something more listenable :-)

> Now, the pulse audio demon get started and keeps running. But during starting the oss modules gives this error:
> module-oss.c: write failed: Resource temporarily anavailable.
> ....
> module.c: Unloading module-oss
> ....
> I check with xmms, the sound is still not working...

Can you check the output of these commands:


what output do you get?  I get


respectively.  The IP address is that of my thin client and the port number
is those which the pulseaudio is listening on.  You can probably figure out
the port numbers for your case by running:

	netstat -nap  | grep pulse

on the text console of the thin client.

These environment variables normally get set by ldm (the display manager)
which is probably already started up at the point you started pulseaudio.
They need to be set so that programs like totem and rhythmbox know
how to play sound (not sure about xmms, which might not be the best choice
for testing).  You may need to figure out some way to get the module loaded
prior to ldm starting, eg as a hack you could an a line to an init script?
If pulseaudio is started, you may just need to set the environment

> During my tries some questions arised:
> * I noticed that the /opt/ltsp/i368/usr/bin/esd a wrapper script for
> pulseaudio is ? Like I have now issues with pulseaudio. So to change the
> SOUND_DAEMON = esd , it will not help me, because is still pulseaudio
> (May this is bug of Edubuntu)?

Since Feisty, edubuntu uses pulseaudio in place of esound.


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