any thoughts on lack of performance on google earth on thin client?

Alfred Nutile alfred at
Mon Jul 16 18:06:41 BST 2007

thanks for taking some time to reply.
It even has problems if it is the only computer.
And right next to it a thick client does fine.
So still not sure.

Jim Hutchinson wrote:
> Google Earth seems fairly graphic intensive. I've never looked into it 
> but if it's using a lot of the GPU to render the graphics and it has 
> to do that for 20-30 different computers that could explain it. The 
> other possibility is that it's due to a network bottleneck. Google 
> Earth does stream a lot of data. You might not have the bandwidth to 
> keep up with demand.
> Anyway, a couple thoughts. Not sure either is the reason.
> Jim
> On 7/16/07, *Alfred Nutile* < alfred at 
> <mailto:alfred at>> wrote:
>     tux math works great.
>     flash a little choppy
>     google earth set to low brings the screen to slow motion?
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