Black screen from Live CD

Mal Wanstall m.wanstall.lists at
Mon Jul 16 00:46:10 BST 2007

I'm trying to install Edubuntu on an old Compaq laptop (won't have model
numbers/specs until tonight - but the laptop runs XP fine so it can't be too
ancient, probably 4 years old). I boot up from the Desktop Install CD and it
runs through its paces, I get the black screen with the white writing
letting me know things are going OK then after that's all done I get a black
screen and it stays there and never goes away. After a while the CD stops
spinning (so I assume it's all loaded) but I still can't see
anything...however it hasn't frozen because when I attempt to reboot the
computer the white writing comes back on telling me its invoking the
shutdown procedures. It's a stock standard mass produced laptop so I can't
imagine it would have an obscure video card. Can ANYONE help with this? I
really want to get Edubuntu up and running so I can switch another person to
Linux. I checked the MD5Sum of the ISO after I d/led it and it was fine, I
also tried installing from the Classroom Server CD to no avail (same
problem). Any help much appreciated!

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