Gutsy-Tribe2 - No successful booting

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Sun Jul 15 12:46:47 BST 2007


On Sun, 15 Jul 2007, Reiner Schmid wrote:

> my client Siemens XS (D1215-i815) is able to boot feisty (7.04).  
> Yesterday I installed gutsy-tribe2 to test it.
> But the PXE-booting stopped during tftp with the error codes
>  PXE-E11:   ARP timeout
>  PXE-E11:   ARP timeout
>  PXE-E38:   TFTP cannot open connection
>  PXE-MOF: Exiting BootManage ......

An ARP timeout suggests (I think) that having received the DHCP response,
an ARP request (an ARP request looks up mac address corresponding to the
TFTP server by broadcasting a "who-has" message) was sent and didn't get a
reply, which usually suggests the server it's trying to get to isn't

You're obviously on the network (the dhcp worked), so that's not the
reason.  Is it possible the next-server directive is set wrong in
/etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf?  I recall I might have had a problem like this on
gutsy and I see I have the line:


which is the ip address of my server,  You might look at that.


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