No Sound with Flash in Firefox

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Fri Jul 13 14:09:02 BST 2007


On Fri, 13 Jul 2007, francois wrote:

> I've installed libflashsupport to work with gnash (I know, it's an alpha
> release) and now I can watch youtube on a thin client.

I'm slightly surprised you needed libflashsupport.  Does it not have
pulseaudio support in-built?

> Can gnash be compiled on a 64b arch ?

Yes, it can and does compile on 64bit.  My testing of gnash has always been
on 64-bit.  I have yet to see a single youtube video play successfully with
or without sound (using their CVS code at the time).  I'm not saying it
never works, but it hasn't on several tries for me, so I gathered it wasn't
terribly stable yet.

This article came out shortly after my tests.

The issues I had might be down to any of:
 	* me 
	* the youtube videos I chose
	* gnash in general
	* 64-bit

I really couldn't say for certain.  

Once it's working, as in can play stuff reliably, my next question will be
how much ram/cpu does it use, does it _ever_ crash the browser, do zombie
processes get left about the place, etc.  Not meaning to sound harsh, but
when you modify the browser for lots of people all on one machine, it had
better work well.


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