No Sound with Flash in Firefox

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Thu Jul 12 22:53:55 BST 2007


On Thu, 12 Jul 2007, Jim Kronebusch wrote:

> I still can't get sound to work in flash under firefox.  System sounds
> play fine on the client, and I sound works fine under movie and audio
> players.  I am running a 64-bit version of Edubuntu 7.04.  I have tried
> running 32-bit flash under 64-bit firefox using nswrapper, flash works
> but no sound.  I have tried running 32-bit firefox with 32-bit flash,
> flash works but no sound.  

So you're running 64-bit Ubuntu with 32-Bit Firefox on the server and
presumably a 32-bit thin client system.  I've personally never run flash on
64-bit ubuntu.  

> I have also tried installing the libflashsupport package but this is a
> 32-bit only package and doesn't install on 64-bit.  So I tried copying
> the file from a 32-bit system into the plugins
> directory of all browsers and still flash plays, but no sound.  

> Any help would be appreciated.  I have messed with so many things now I
> am probably going to rebuild the machine and start from scratch (not
> fun).  

To be honest, for a multi-user desktop system, I'd recommend you use 32-bit
Ubuntu, not 64-bit.  The 64-bit is fine in my experience, except when it
comes to proprietary stuff like flash and java.  The 32-bit should install
fine and you can just run 32-bit versions of all the apps, rather than
having to use nswrapper.  It's not exactly clear to me why libflashplugin
doesn't work, but I'd guess it may be to do with it being a 32-bit library
trying to access the sound card via 64-bit alsa infrastructure.

> Oh, I also tried configuring firefox and plugins as a local app, but I
> ran into speed issues with firefox starting up (takes 2 minutes or so to
> start) so I haven't even gotten to flash troubleshooting yet.

Are you running Gutsy?


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