Edubuntu LTSP Login Issue

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Thu Jul 12 12:18:30 BST 2007

On Thu, 12 Jul 2007, Steve Wu wrote:

> We're trying to setup a basic LTSP as a trial at our school. This is all
> new to us. We had the basic system up and running. Clients would connect
> and we could login and run apps. Great! Now however, when we boot up,
> instead of getting the GUI login screen it goes to a command line login.
> Sure we can login, but then we're sitting at a command prompt.

If you can actually login to the command line, I would guess this is a
locally installed computer, not a thin client.  Is that correct?

Either way, try holding <ctrl><alt> and pressing <F7>.  If that goes blank,
you can get back to where you were by similarly holding <ctrl><alt> and
pressing <F1>.

There is an old bug in Edubuntu (6.06 aka dapper) which causes thin clients
to switch to the text console instead of the login screen.  It's possible
you're suffering from that.  The above <ctrl><alt><F7> should solve that.  

> What happened, what did we do, and how do we get back to the GUI login?

I'm afraid only you can tell us the answer to the first two questions.  We
can maybe help with the third though :-)


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