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Miriam Ruiz little.miry at
Thu Jul 12 09:11:36 BST 2007

2007/7/12, Gavin McCullagh <gmccullagh at>:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 11 Jul 2007, François BARILLON wrote:
> > 2. A free version named gnash is available and will be integrated in the
> > Gusty version.
> Judging by its current status (I tried it a month or so ago), schools may
> be better off sticking with the proprietary plugin for one more
> release.  I
> could be wrong though, there's four months until the October release.

I agree

Gnash is currently in alpha state (3rd alpha release) upstream, so I don't
think it's ready  for end users. Giving it to them as a replacement for
Macromedia's flash player before time could be counterproductive and make
users (teachers and pupils) not giving it a chance later, when it's ready.

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