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On Mon, Jul 09, 2007 at 09:02:27AM -0400, Phoenixink wrote:

> I have tried to use WINE as a windows emulator for the Data Studio software and it works well except there is no way to access the Explorer probe on the USB port, so even though the software runs it cannot collect the data from the Explorer probe. This is a show stopper as far as being able to implement Linux.

I guess the first question is, where are you plugging in the probe?  On
the workstations?  Or on the server?  It will need to be on the server,
since there's no link between a client's USB port, and the software
running on the server.

As well, the user you want to be able to use the software will have to
be in the plugdev group, as well, in order to have permission to access
the USB port.

However, as it happens, through one of those odd little bits of
serendipity that often happen to pop up in life, I've just published my
own fuse filesystem which allows you to control a Velleman K8055 USB
interface board:

I've written a FUSE based filesystem that allows you to read and write
to the K8055:

The K8055 has 2 AD inputs, 5 Digital inputs, 2 DA outputs and 8 Digital
outputs, as well as two 16 bit counters.

As for visualization, you could either use gnuplot, or, simply graph the
collected dataset in calc.

Hope this helps.


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