How to globally change menu/toolbars

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Thu Jul 5 16:51:46 BST 2007

Hi Jim,

this is probably a dirty hack answer but it may be of some use in context
with other information.

On Thu, 05 Jul 2007, Jim Kronebusch wrote:

> I am running edubuntu 7.04 and want to globally change the menus and
> toolbars for all existing users and new users.  How do I do this?  

I haven't used it, but my understanding is that Pessulus is the thing to
use for modifying the desktop profiles.  My understanding is that Pessulus
(which presumably must run as root) modifies the gconf settings which I'll
mention below.

> I want to remove the icon at the top for Evolution since I don't want my
> students using evolution.  

The reason the icon is there in the first place (or such is my
understanding) is that if you look in the file:


You'll see a section like this:

        <dir name="apps">
                <dir name="panel">
			...	...
			...	...
                                <dir name="objects">
                                        <dir name="yelp_launcher">
                                        <dir name="session_dialog">
                                        <dir name="email_launcher">
                                        <dir name="browser_launcher">
                                        <dir name="menu_bar">

which means that new users will get icons (objects) for yelp, a mail client
a browser, etc. on their panel.

I guess if you remove the "email_launcher" section, that should get rid of
the evolution icon.  I'm not certain if this would be for existing users or
new users, it appears it should disappear for both but I could be wrong.

I'm pretty sure this is what pessulus should be doing anyway, but try this
and let us know if it works.

> If I apt-get remove evolution then the program is gone, but a stupid icon
> still remains.  Also when I remove evolution the icon under the
> Applications/Office is still there.  How to I go about changing these
> things for all users?

The icon on the panel is a generic "email launcher" which by default runs
evolution (this is part of the desktop design).  If you have remove all
email clients (ie evolution), that doesn't mean the icon goes away.  I'm
unsure about the Office section -- perhaps it's a similar generic email


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