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Karl Goetz kamping_kaiser at
Mon Jul 2 07:48:21 BST 2007

David Trask wrote:
> Joseph Ollis <talk2ollis at> writes:
>> Last year our school received  a generous donation of a server. It has 4 
>> 3 ghz processors and 4 gig of memory. How many clients will this 
>> reasonably handle using it as the edubuntu server?
>> JO
> Wow!  Quite a few!  Especially with gigabit ethernet from the server to a
> gig switch.  A lot depends on what everyone will be doing, but for normal
> web browsing, email....etc.....I'd say 30-40 or possibly even more.

I'd say quite a few more myself :)
not sure hwo it would handle videos etc on clients (i dont allow such
things on the server i run)


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