LTSP: is it possible to specify networked printers per thin client?

Jim McQuillan jam at
Sun Jan 28 23:34:23 GMT 2007


what you are trying to do, really isn't LTSP related at all.

It just so happens that your users are connection with LTSP terminals, 
and the printers are attached to LTSP terminals.  Other than that, it's 
really a printer management issue on the server.

You want one users default printer to be printerA, and another users 
default printer to be printerB.

Assuming that you've got your printers all configured in CUPS on the 
server, you can use the 'lpoptions' command to set a default for each user.

Because a user may log into ws004 in the morning, and then log into 
ws005 in the afternoon, you'll need to call lpoptions each time the user 
logs in.  the /etc/profile script might be a good place to put this.

The magic scripting you'll need to add is something like this:

case `echo $DISPLAY | sed s/:.*$//` in
  ws004)   lpoptions -d printerA;;
  ws005)   lpoptions -d printerB;;

That way, each time a user logs in, it checks the current terminal that 
they are logging in with, and it sets their default printer accordingly.

If you are using Ubuntu's LTSP, you can't use the $DISPLAY, you'll have 
to use another env variable, like $SSH_CLIENT, which has a different 
format.  do:  echo $SSH_CLIENT to see what the value looks like.

Hope that helps,
Jim McQuillan
jam at

john wrote:
> Hi all,
> I want to use networked printing on my thin clients and specify it per 
> station ( e.g tell ws004 to print to networked printer A and ws005 to 
> print to networked printer B).
> My reading of lts.conf it appears to say that one can only do this 
> with local printers. Can anyone help me figure out if what I want to 
> do is possible?
> TIA!
> John

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