How to setup classroom lab with auto login and mandatory profiles

Scott Ledyard scott at
Wed Jan 24 11:52:07 GMT 2007

In our initial testing of Edubuntu LTSP we experimented with some what-ifs,
like, "What if two people login with the same account?" This was allowed.
Then one of us created a new document on the his desktop, "zoop" it popped
up on the other guy's desktop (sound effects added.)  Could the 2nd guy
delete the new document? Yes and "zip" it disappeared from the first user's
Intriguing, but hopefully this wouldn't happen to our regular users.
In the rural village where we want to set this up, we want to have a lab
that serves as a classroom and a sometimes internet-cafe style room. First,
we are hoping that as a user approaches a workstation they will turn it on
and it will automatically login to an workstation specific name, such as
"client01", without the need for a password.

Secondly, we'd like the desktop to be standard and any changes that might
have been made by the previous user would NOT have been saved. In windows
this would be referred to as a mandatory profile.

Has anyone had success it obtaining this kind of functionality? And of
course, if there's a better approach I'd be glad to hear about that, too!
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