How to modify the startup and splash screens on the thin client.

Paul J. Thompson edubuntu001 at
Thu Jan 18 20:52:41 GMT 2007


No offense taken :-) And I will report back (I expect by Monday) on how the
alternate ltsp install goes. In the meanwhile, I have removed the packages
that Gavin suggested and also removed the splash screens. That has work just

I have had our sales team (six members) on the modified Edubuntu ltsp (at
first only lightly moded, now as per Gavin suggestions) for two weeks now
and that is going very well. The system is proving stable and I have had few
complaints. Indeed I doubt that some of them have eve noticed the difference
as I have had the company on Open Office and other  open source software for
about a year now.



On 1/19/07, Gavin McCullagh <gmccullagh at> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, 18 Jan 2007, Scott Ledyard wrote:
> > BTW, I wouldn't be too concerned about the "basic knowledge" comments.
> I've
> > been working to figure this LTSP stuff, too and there's not much
> resource
> > material available. O'Reilly needs to crank out an LTSP / MueCow admin
> book!
> I think some misunderstanding has happened here caused both by my
> misinterpretation and in how I phrased have things.
> I suggested removing several specific packages and gave the specific
> package names.  The reply (or so I thought) was to ask how to go about
> removing the packages.  The thought of someone rolling out an ltsp system
> to a business environment without knowledge of the package manager seemed
> a
> little worrying so I suggested that perhaps it would be a good idea to
> look
> over some of that more basic stuff first.
> Sorry Paul, it wasn't at all my intention to get at you or question your
> knowledge or experience.
> Gavin
> PS the comment about the lack of clear documentation for some LTSP stuff
> is
> merited.  I presume it is partially due to how new the LTSP v5 system is
> --
> I think edubuntu are the first to use it?  I'm currently in the middle of
> massaging ubuntu/ltsp5 to run a set of bootable servers for our network
> testbed.  I must try and write the stuff up as I'm figuring it out.  it
> must be said it's a very nice flexible system.
> --
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