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Will van der Leij will at
Thu Jan 4 10:28:15 GMT 2007

On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 19:48 -0500, Scott Ledyard wrote:
> Sounds like a good campaign, Will. I like what you all have listed on
> that WikiCleanup page. Sounds ambitious.
Not really. Just a bit of housekeeping :)

>  I did find a dead link (or dead server) Where you state:
>          "EdubuntuDocumentation - This is where our main focus should
>         be. This needs to be a big index page categorised like some
>         thing like [[WWW]this]" 
Seems the wiki cleanup needs a cleanup.
You are quite right, that comment was quite old. The
EdubuntuDocumentation is going to move under where it belongs.

> One thing I don't understand is when you go to the link "Help and
> support" the first thing suggested is the mailing list, but it's not
> THIS list, but the "edubuntu-devel" list. Isn't that the development
> list? 
There is a difference detailed somewhere (off-hand can't think where)
but if it is not clear off the main site then I guess we should expand
on it.

Thanks again. All comment welcome.

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