Using gigabit NIC and switch with 100Mbps clients doesn't work

Scott Ledyard scott at
Thu Jan 4 02:22:54 GMT 2007

I've searched for past posts here at edubuntu-users, but have not found this
It's suggested that the server connect using a gigabit NIC to a gigabit
switch port. I've installed Edubuntu 6.10 accordingly and find that clients
cannot connect successfully. The NIC works fine when used with a 100Mbps
switch. The gigabit switch (D-Link DGS-2208) seems to work well in other
situations. The client is an old IBM PC 300GL using a Intel 10/100 Intel
When the thin client boots (using Ethreboot so the boot dialog displays) is
can see that the server has assigned the thinclient the IP of it displays:
Running /scripts/init-btom... Done.
Then it waits for about 60 seconds and displays [ 103.939343] nfs: server not responding, still trying.
This repeats every 15 seconds or so. If I replug both the server and
thinclient into a 100Mbps switch EVEN DURING this time, all works well.
Has anybody seen this behavior before? Any suggestions?
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