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SVN is here:, so "svn co" would pull the sources.
To use our APT repository, though I would not recommend it (more on this
Install gpg key: wget && apt-key add
Add universe (for icecast2) and multiverse (for lame) to sources.list (should
look like "deb dapper main restricted
multiverse deb-src dapper main restricted
Change sources.list to include "deb local
I would not recommend doing it this way, however.  First, we do modify the
sudoers file, and the inittab, and do not have this in packages as we plan
to only do this once.  I'll post more detailed information on the contents
of these files on our forum, linked from our home page.

However, more importantly, we do not offer the ruby packages in our apt
repositories which are required for our front end.  Ruby does not offer a
standard build process for third party modules, and often do not distribute
modules as source (for example, mongrel), and they occasionally require that
you interact with the script to install modules (again, mongrel asks you to
choose which version you want to install, which is not scriptable without
using something like expect).  So, we were unable to build and package the
ruby, and some perl, modules.  We ship these on the CD installer.  This will
be one of the first things we contribute to the Ubuntu/Debian community as
they are struggling with building ruby module packages as well.

But, if you want to install them by hand on vanilla dapper, please just do

   - install ruby from apt:  apt-get install ruby
   - install ruby gems from source
   - install mongrel, mongrel_cluster, rails:  gem install -r -y mongrel
   mongrel_cluster rails

Does this provide you with what you need?

Our CDROM does create a dedicated podcasting system from your PC, so it is
really not suitable for use as a desktop machine, generally.  If this was
your consideration when you asked the question, I would not recommend this.
The system is always capturing, so there is considerable CPU utilization at
all times.


On 2/23/07, Gavin McCullagh < gmccullagh at> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, 22 Feb 2007, Chris Dawson wrote:
> > I wanted to let people know that we've recently released our podcasting
> > device software under the GPL.
> It's GPL right?  Where is the source code made available?
> > You download the CDROM ISO from our site, and then you can use this
> Linux
> > installer to convert any PC into a dedicated podcasting device.  It is
> > based on Dapper and is GPL software; use it in any way you'd like.
> Is it possible to get .deb packages which can be installed on a vanilla
> dapper machine, rather than have to reinstall a computer?
> Gavin
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