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Mattias Hemmingson matte at ahavaxthuset.se
Mon Feb 19 09:27:48 GMT 2007

Hi !!

A got local dev to work with 6.06 and ldap.
Install ltsp 4.2 and then start local dev with this guide.


There is som changes to do in dhcpd.conf to direkt it to the right ltsp version.
In edu the dhspd.conf is in /etc/ltsp
But the ltsp4.2 installer thinks in /etc/dhcp/

Then you must move the pxelinux.0.
Search the file system for the file and then move the ltsp4.2 pxelinx.0 file to that dir.

And last check the exports file in etc so that nfs exports in good.

// matte


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On Sun, 18 Feb 2007, Ian Moore wrote:

> How do you configure a particular machine to auto login without a 
> password? I am hoping to setup a machine in our Vegetarian Cafe for the 
> public to surf on. So I didn't want any password or user login.

Not certain if you can do this at the moment without hacking. However,
it's quite a common request so it may be a feature to get added.

> 2. Related to the question above how do you setup a machine so that only 
> their home directory is accessible and they cant see anything else? Do I 
> need to create a seperate group for the cafe surf box and then chmod the 
> other top directories on the system to not have rwx access privileges 
> rights to this particular group ?

You can't allow them to see nothing else. All kinds of things would likely
break if read access was denied to the system files. However, you can
isolate off other people's home dirs.

I needed to separate teachers from students, so I:

1. Created /home/students and /home/teachers.
2. Moved all of the students and teachers home dirs into their respective
directories under /home.
3. Created a teachers group and added all teachers to it.
4. Did 
chgrp teachers /home/teachers
chmod g+rx /home/teachers
chmod o-rwx /home/teachers
which allows only members of the teachers group to read that folder.

Bear in mind that as you create new users you'll need to move them by hand
and add them to the teachers group. At least, I have to now. There may be
a smart way in the user manager to do this, but I don't know it as things

I'm not sure if Oliver et al would consider making this layout a default
or making it easier to do this in some way? I know debian-edu includes
some description of teacher groupings be default.

> 3. Local device access 

> Does anyone know of any instructions for getting LDA to work on 6.06.

Can't help you here. I'd be inclined to try and convince him not to stick
with 6.06. As a server it's a sensible thing to do. However, for desktops
-- which is principally what edubuntu is providing I personally think it's
important to keep up with recent versions. There's nothing wrong with 6.06
now but in 2 years time when everyone has moved on and a whole set of "next
big things" have arrived, edubuntu 6.06 will likely feel very old. 

Even with 7.04 the differences will be substantial, including ldap support,
thin client usb devices, thin client printers, firefox 2, etc. Another
year or two down the road and a lot will have changed. 

As one who recently upgraded and had to fix a few things I do understand
his caution but I consider the benefits outweigh the costs.


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