Cannot login from Thin Client (excepting first user created during install) - Was TFTP error

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Thu Feb 8 20:02:01 GMT 2007


On Tue, 06 Feb 2007, Paul J. Thompson wrote:

> See below, it would appear to be failing to authenticate at some point. I
> have to admit that I am quite lost here.

It appears to be the X11 forwarding that's failing.  It's authentication of
a sort I guess.

> No /home/jiao/.xsession-errors file present although pjt (the successful
> login) has one. However its errors are just related to an application that
> is no present

How about .Xauthority?  Is it being written.  If not what permissions does
it have and what permissions does that home directory have?  Make sure the
user can write to /home/jiao/.Xauthority

> From auth.log
> Feb  6 11:42:35 pjhome sshd[5270]: Accepted password for jiao from
> port 4359 ssh2
> Feb  6 11:42:35 pjhome sshd[5272]: (pam_unix) session opened for user jiao
> by (uid=0)

Looks perfect.

> debug1: Requesting X11 forwarding with authentication spoofing.
> debug1: Sending environment.
> debug1: Sending comand: /bin/bash --login -c ' env LTSP_CLIENT="pjhome"/etc/X11/Xsession ' ; kill -1 $PPID
> /usr/bin/X11/xauth: timeout in locking authority file /home/jiao/.Xauthority

This looks like your problem to me.  Your X authentication fails and you
can't therefore start an X session so all else bombs.


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