Cannot login from Thin Client (excepting first user created during install) - Was TFTP error

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Mon Feb 5 22:12:02 GMT 2007

On Tue, 06 Feb 2007, Paul J. Thompson wrote:

> The i386 Thin Client now gets an address and the login screen comes up.
> If I login under my original user id (the one created during the
> installation of Ubuntu (AMD64 6.10) and also used to install the ltsp
> system,  I get loged in and the desktop appears. If I try to login as any
> other user (whether they have admin privileges or not) no login occurs. I
> goes off to do its thing but instead of getting a desktop, you just get
> returned to the login screen. 

> So do ltsp users need to belong to an ltsp group or something? Or do I need
> to look elsewhere? 

I don't think so (not at the moment anyway).

> Pointers would be most welcome.

A couple of suggestions:

1. After attempting login in as user <somebody>, have a look at
   /home/<somebody>/.xsession-errors to see if their xsession launched but
   died for some reason.  Is anything being printed to that file -- when is
   it's datestamp?

2. Check /var/log/auth.log on the server to verify that the user is indeed
   being authenticated correctly, eg you should see lines like:

Feb  5 22:05:00 robin sshd[5394]: Accepted publickey for gavin from port 46418 ssh2
Feb  5 22:05:00 robin sshd[5396]: (pam_unix) session opened for user gavin by (uid=0)

3. You can create an account in the ltsp chroot with the commands:
	sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386/ /usr/sbin/adduser <username>
   then on a thin client hit <ctrl><alt><F1>, login with the account
   created and look at the ldm log in a file something like:
   I can't recall the exact path/name.


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