thin edu installation

Timothy Boyden tboyden at
Sun Dec 16 18:58:04 GMT 2007

If you install Ubuntu server with the LTSP packages, you'll get exactly what
you're looking for.

As far as Edubuntu being slow under Vmware, I suppose this depends on the
server hardware you are running it on. I'm testing Edubuntu 7.04 under
Vmware server on Windows 2003 Server with SP2 on an HP DL380 server with
dual 3 GHz processors and 4 GB of RAM and it run runs awesome. I've also
only given the Edubuntu virtual server 1 GB RAM to run on and I've had no
issues with the 5 test netboot clients I'm using, running apps like Scribus,
Inkscape, Evolution, OpenOffice and the GIMP. This is just a test
environment, the eventual production system will run on Vmware ESX server
across 4 identically configured servers or a blade server system.

Looking at the performance logs, the clients when running use about 25% of
the processor and 500 MB of RAM.

As Gavin mentions, I haven't noticed much difference in performance with the
server running GDM or X server vs. just the command line. Plus I like GUI
management tools so I like the fact that Edubuntu runs GDM by default.


On 12/15/07 1:30 PM, "matte at" <matte at> wrote:

> Helllo
> Want to install a small version av edu om my servers.
> Can i install a command line system to my server and then only install the
> edu-ltsp system.
> Ore will the the result be the same as install the "install to hardrive"
> from the cd??
> want the server to be as light as possibel and a dont use grafik interface
> on the server anyway.
> And now my server is much faser after removing them from vmware and
> install edu on the servers.
> so dont use vmware and edu it gets slow really slow ;-)
> // matte

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