Waiting for contents of the first usb stick

Reiner Schmid reischmid at gmx.de
Thu Dec 13 07:35:02 GMT 2007


I used 
to fix the local device problem in gutsy.

But there is still a crazy behaviour in the terminal-client system.
The identification of the contents of the first usb stick connected to a client takes a lot of time   (2 minutes). After some seconds you see the name of the usb stick, but you have to wait to see the files of the usb stick in the file browser.

Then the contents of a  second usb stick (I connect it to this client or to another) are listed at once.
I tried an usb port 1.0 and a usb port 2.0, different usb sticks. The same behaviour!

Have you an idea to make it better?

By the way: 
An excitung discussion: "Edubuntu 7.10 - A Released Debacle and a Practice in Failure"

There are/were some bugs and faults in Gutsy which made me nervous, but not angry.

- to build the kiosk mode /there was a little fault in the script
- nautilus uses 100 % cpu / thanks to gnome watchdog so the fan of the cpu wil not blow up.
- autologin /now it works
- Thin clients prompt three times for password/ see Edubuntu FAQ
- the broken support of local devices ....

but on the other side the speed of the boot process of Gutsy/LTSP enables it/me to switch to different modes in the space of a few minutes (restart and log in)

So I have different modes(lts.conf-files) on my servers which I and my wife use in our classrooms.

a normal mode with personalized loggins
a guest mode (autologin)
a videostreaming mode with sound
a "windows-wine mode" for a special german sound-based program to help students to look for work

So after some fights  I love gutsy now.

Thanks to Oli and to the other developer/tester for their work and great efforts

Reiner Schmid

If I can help the development with my two clients (intel video cards)at home, you could tell me. 

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