Edubuntu 7.10 - A Released Debacle and a Practice in Failure

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Wed Dec 12 12:33:15 GMT 2007

On Di, 2007-12-11 at 08:14 -1000, R. Scott Belford wrote:
> I am very disillusioned with Edubuntu, the leadership (or lack thereof) 
how many of the weekly meetings did you attend yet ? we welcome
everybody to participate, thats the place where we discuss all
changes ....

its held every wednesday on an alternating schedule (12:00 UTC, 20:00

> We can't say that 7.10 built on the functionality of 7.04 - it actually 
> regressed.  
in which feature ? ther are two regression bugs i'm aware about, one is
a leftover debugging line in ltspfsmounter that sets a fixed DISPLAY
variable (easy workaround, delete the line), the other is intel cards
wanting to run at 32bit on chipsets that cant which is a bug in the
driver ... i`m not aware of any regression thats in any feature that was
existing in feisty ...

note that the edubuntu distro is mainly a one man show with a handfull
of communiy contributors it would be great if we could enhance the
tester team (i think i`m the only one that has a thin client with intel
chipset in this team fo example, my chipset doesnt expose the bug above
which could have been easily found by someone else)...

the testers team is definately the area where we lack most devlopment
needs feedback, which we apparently only get past release

> Is there *anyone* in the Edubuntu community either a. working on a r1 
> release for all the bugs in 7.10 or b. working on consistent 
> documentation for the varying incompatible releases?  If so, then where, 
> so I can help.  If not, then why not, and should we change this?  I have 
> tried to find ways to help by starting here
scott balneaves worked 60h weeks for getting the edubuntu handbook we
ship in shape, you are welcome to enhance the doc team, while i disagree
that edubuntu is any worse in automation but agree that there are bugs
(and yes, i`m working on a fix for ltspfs that may got to gutsy-updates
if the ubuntu release team sees there was enough testing for the

> Edubuntu is doing a tremendous disservice to the FOSS community by 
> riding on the coattails of the K12LTSP and Debian-edu while pretending 
> to be just as capable.  People are being fooled, drawn in, and then 
> disappointed.  This is not honorable.
> Is there anyone around capable, willing, and prepared to keep this from 
> happening in future releases?
we`re greatful for every helping hand ...

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