why won't this script work in my Edubuntu setup?

David Trask dtrask at vcsvikings.org
Thu Aug 30 17:56:42 BST 2007

Edubuntu Devel Group <edubuntu-devel at lists.ubuntu.com> writes:
>Are you running it with sudo?
>Does it work if you run it giving their userID instead of their username?
>If you manually run "pgrep -u <username>" do you get any output?  If you
>don't, it's possible pgrep is unable to determine the UID to search users

ha!  got it....there is an actual system command named "stop"...which is
the same name as my script.  I ran the script direct from it's directory  
/root/stop and it worked fine....so I will simply rename it and shove it
back into /usr/bin   Doh!  :-)

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Director
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask at vcsvikings.org

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