Flash Player Install/Uninstall/Upgrade

Daniel J. Summers daniel at djs-consulting.com
Thu Aug 30 03:31:53 BST 2007

Chris Meissen wrote:
> Attempted an uninstall using apt-get and managed to uninstall
> Flashplayer 9 but about:plugins still shows Flashplayer 7 installed and
> it will not uninstall.  I want to get rid of it completely in order to
> do a clean reinstall of version 9.
> Any ideas or instructions are most welcome.  In other words, HELP!!!!   
> <grin>
Take a look in /usr/lib/firefox/plugins and see what's there.  There may 
be a sym link to Flash 7 (especially if you upgraded a distro that 
already had it installed).  Remove that sym link (or .so file), and all 
should be well.  You can then install the latest version, and it should 
be the only one recognized.

Hope that helps...

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