video mobile NVIDIA 8600M GT & USB Wireless D-Link DWL-G122 trouble

Roberto Grieco griecor at
Fri Aug 24 12:45:14 BST 2007

Hello there, Im trying edubuntu ver 7.04, when I run live CD I have to
started it on safe graphic mode because on normal mode my screen freeze when
started to upload the nautilus console. I want to install edubuntu on my
notebook so how can I tell it to upload the safe graphic mode driver during
installation & how can I get the newest driver for my video card? I have a
new ASUS notebook c90s intel core 2 duo e6700 with the NVIDIA MX 8600M GT
video card. My wireless is a USB D-Link DWL-g122 that seems to work with
other linux version by using Railink driver rt72 however it doesnt work
under edubuntu live cd.

Thank you in advance and I hope to become at active user in the Edubuntu
world. I prefer this distro for teaching reasons even though I can see there
is almost not different between ubuntu & edubuntu of software content...

best regards,
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