New server advice - quad core any special settings needed?

Krsnendu dasa krsnendu108 at
Thu Aug 23 20:31:48 BST 2007

We are about to buy our new server. We have 25 clients and our goal is to
run shockwave multimedia applications on as many simultaneous terminals as
possible (Probably 10-15 max.) The main program in mind mostly has still
pictures and when you mouse over graphics different mp3s play, it also
highlights texts as it reads it.

We will run Edubuntu and we are looking to maximize our performance on the
budget we have. We can't afford a dedicated server with scsi so we narrowed
our options down to these desktop computers with SATA. They seem to be the
best value.

AMD64 x2 6000
Intel Duo Quad 6600

It seems that the Intel would be better due to quad core and faster speed.
Both systems would use 4 GB DDR2 800 RAM and 4 SATAII 16MBcache 7200rpm
320GB HDDs. (We were thinking Linux software RAID 10 or 01 would be best.)

Is the quad core the best choice? Are there any special settings needed to
get he maximum performance out of it?
Are there any features that we should look for in the motherboard? I was
thinking separate channels for the HDs or something like that to maximize HD
performance, although with our budget there may not me much choice.

Also what do you think the limiting factor for performance would be? LAN,
HDD, RAM or CPU or something else?
We have one 8 port unmanaged Gb switch that feeds an 8port 100Mb switch in
each classroom.

Thanks for the feedback.
I've been contemplating an upgrade for a while and now we have signed a
contract with some university students we are committed to do it within the
next week or two.

Krsnendu das
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