USB drive unmount

Ian Moore ian15moore at
Thu Aug 23 18:58:04 BST 2007


  I'm not back in at work till Monday but as far as I can remember the error message when I right-clicked eject
on the client was a 'you dont have permissions' one.

  I'll check next week.

  Our Server is an oldish rackmount Compaq Proliant twin processor job. And it came without USB.

  We've got a datalogger attached to a Solar Hot Water system on the building and this is connected to our server
  via a serial cable. I've set the server up to autologin a particular user which then starts up the logger software

  It's possible that this accounts GUI has got the Nautilus window open when the USB stick is connected.
  Unfortunately this account not on a workstation as such. 
  Also there's another client in another part of the building which is normally on.
  It's not really convenient to ask this user to minimize the nautilus USB browser every time.

  Updates : What would the significance be of not receiving security updates past 4/2008 or 10/2008 be?

  Since Linux is reasonably secure. In a small non-business office environment it would not be risky?

  On a more general note unfortunately the charity I work for has a very limited IT budget. Too limited in my opinion.
  I have volunteered quite a bit of my own time to help 'run' their computer setup and have learnt a lot.

  The 'Bean Counters' in their infinite wisdom only let us spend £100 on a second hand server with tiny hardrives, no USB and no CD Burner which has made managing the system quite hard. I've finally managed to tar a copy of the users working files across the network to a NFS share on another Ubuntu computer on the network.

  Buying a network storage device with a USB port and an internal hardrive would solve my problems but there is no
 'budget' for this.

  Going to Feisty would be a good solution but I've run out of time I think. 

  My advice to anybody trying to setup an Edubuntu system for small amounts of money is that you should buy
  a decently equipped server. Otherwise you spend hours trying to fix problems that need not be there.

  I've probably been over cautious in waiting till I had a backup of the users files before installing the USB card.
  But losing peoples data would of been a serious issue.

  Just had to have a bit of a rant there but I do think that the time involved in setting up an office installation
  of Edubuntu needs to be put into perspective against the perceived cost savings of open source software especially on
  limited hardware.

  Ian Moore




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