Freeze on server logout

Todd O'Bryan toddobryan at
Tue Aug 21 04:07:27 BST 2007

I can confirm this on an AMD64 install with Ubuntu running the latest
LTSP packages.

On Mon, 2007-08-20 at 15:31 -0700, Paul McNett wrote:
> Hi,
> This is my first post, and I've only been lurking for a day. I've
> recently set up a small computer lab for my wife who's a fourth-grade
> teacher. The server is a P4/3.4 GHz box with 1GB of RAM and a 250GB SATA
> disk. The 6 workstations vary from Celeron 800 with 768MB to P4 with
> 1GB. The workstations are all diskless, and the system is working very
> well so far.
> Except for one thing. About once every 2-3 logins on the server box
> itself, when the user chooses Quit|Log Out, the screen will freeze and
> nothing happens except the mouse cursor still responds. But clicking
> anywhere, pressing Alt+Tab, etc. does nothing. It doesn't appear to
> matter who the login is. Could be a student, could be the admin.
> I can do a Ctrl+Alt+F1, and login to the TTY, and then sudo -s and
> killall gdm, which takes down the xserver at which point I can start it
> again manually, but obviously this isn't ideal.
> I've searched around for clues, but have come up empty so far. This is
> edubuntu 7.04 fully updated. It is important for us to get the server's
> graphical login/logout working reliably as my wife is using it as her
> workstation, plus we want an occasional student to be able to log on as
> well.
> Anyway, any clues on the logout freeze would be welcome!
> Paul
> -- 
> pkm ~

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