Freeze on server logout

Paul McNett p at
Mon Aug 20 23:31:57 BST 2007


This is my first post, and I've only been lurking for a day. I've
recently set up a small computer lab for my wife who's a fourth-grade
teacher. The server is a P4/3.4 GHz box with 1GB of RAM and a 250GB SATA
disk. The 6 workstations vary from Celeron 800 with 768MB to P4 with
1GB. The workstations are all diskless, and the system is working very
well so far.

Except for one thing. About once every 2-3 logins on the server box
itself, when the user chooses Quit|Log Out, the screen will freeze and
nothing happens except the mouse cursor still responds. But clicking
anywhere, pressing Alt+Tab, etc. does nothing. It doesn't appear to
matter who the login is. Could be a student, could be the admin.

I can do a Ctrl+Alt+F1, and login to the TTY, and then sudo -s and
killall gdm, which takes down the xserver at which point I can start it
again manually, but obviously this isn't ideal.

I've searched around for clues, but have come up empty so far. This is
edubuntu 7.04 fully updated. It is important for us to get the server's
graphical login/logout working reliably as my wife is using it as her
workstation, plus we want an occasional student to be able to log on as

Anyway, any clues on the logout freeze would be welcome!

pkm ~

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