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Robert Arkiletian robark at
Fri Aug 17 18:39:10 BST 2007

On 8/17/07, Jim Kronebusch <jim at> wrote:
> I talked to Robert Arkeletian the other day (the guy who writes fl_teachertool) and he
> said he had some scripts that can shutdown a client and boot them via wake on lan.  I
> told him if he had a chance he should get those scripts to you so that you may try and
> incorporate them into the stress test system.  If you don't hear from him you might want
> to contact him personally.  I know last time we talked you were still looking for a way
> to do this.  I think Robert is pretty busy right now working on TeacherTool (which he
> hopes to have ported to Edubuntu within the next couple of weeks by the way) but I would
> think he would be able to shoot you the rough scripts to look at.

Here is the thread for WOL

and this one is by room

I would change the sleep to use the time module like this

import time


instead of using
os.system(sleep 1s)

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