Turn off encryption from client to server?

Philipp Hanselmann philipp at schoolnet.na
Wed Aug 15 18:07:34 BST 2007

Gavin McCullagh schrieb:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 15 Aug 2007, Philipp Hanselmann wrote:
>> SchoolNet has about 300 customers with a thin client solutions provided 
>> from us. All this costumers have between 5 to 20 clients (400 MHz, 96- 
>> 128 MB) connected on a server (Pentium 4, 3GHz, 2 - 4 Gbyte). The 
>> testing which we have done up to know with Edubuntu Feisty, shows that 
>> with our actual hardware (Pentium 4,3GHz, 2 - 4 Gbyte) , Edubuntu Feisty 
>> can't support not more than 10 thin clients.
> Did turning off sound make any difference to this?  There do seem to have
> been some odd issues since PULSEAUDIO came in.
> Gavin
Up to now pulseaudio is activated. I will have a close look on it.
Half of our thin computers in our network have no sound support, because 
there ISA sound card doesn't get recognized. The PC's where the sound is 
working have a pci soundcard.
Upto know I noticed that some movie/multimedia player, running on the 
thin clients (with no sound support|), causes that the clients is freezing.
I assume that the pulseaudio server on this clients is also started, 
which causes this behavior.

I will see ...


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