Can't log out on server (feisty)

Philipp Hanselmann philipp at
Tue Aug 14 09:37:06 BST 2007

Alfred Nutile schrieb:
> disable the sounds for the gnome desktop ie System --> Prefs --> Sounds
> --> Login Log out etc.
> This is what causes to log out hang on a server.
> Not sure about the speed issues
> On Fri, 2007-08-10 at 23:30 +0200, Philipp Hanselmann wrote:
Great is working ! I deactivated  the sound, and now the login on the 
server is working!

I assume the issue is related with the audio player audacious which 
includes the installation of the lippulse package, which may cause that 
the sound system on the server breaks.

I removed audacious, since than the login (including sound events) works 
on the server normally.

>> Hi,
>> Since one week we using Edubuntu Feisty in our computer lab with 10 
>> computers.
>> Now since 2 days after a system crash, we have during a SERVER login 
>> this message:
>> #There was an error starting Gnome settings daemon.
>> #Something such as theme, sounds or background settings may not 
>> working correctly.
>> #
>> #Last message:
>> #Did not receive a reply. possible cause include. the remote 
>> applications did not reply. #the message bus security policy blocked 
>> the reply
>> #... timeout expired, as the network connection was broken
>> #Gnome will still try to restart the settings daemon next time you 
>> log in.
>> The login takes now more than 3 minutes until the gnome desktop is 
>> appearing. And even if loged in, everything on the server desktop is 
>> quite slow. Addistionaly you can't log out, if you click on logout 
>> (door symbol) the  session dialog appears, but if you click than on 
>> logout, the server screen is freezing. In this state it's only help 
>> to reset the x11 screen (CTRL-ALT-Backspace)
>> * This happens only on the server (gdm) !
>> * The thin clients computer working 100% normally (ldm)
>> * If you login with the SAME user on a thin client everything is 
>> working.
>> On the top of edubuntu we have installed addistional  packages like: 
>> squid, apache, dovecot, squirrelmail, imap, multimedia programs, 
>> shorewall, adobe reader, flash player, SOS Wikipedia and more (=3 
>> GByte). All this get installed and configured by an automatic 
>> installation script.
>> I already check some system logs, but up to now I don't know what 
>> could cause this behaviour?
>> Does somebody had the same messages or do you have a clue what goes 
>> wrong here?

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