Postfix setup

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Tue Aug 14 15:40:59 BST 2007

> I tried it also using the IP address, and nope my windows hosts file
> doesn't map the name mail to the server IP. I am running a bind9
> server which resolves the FQDN and such.

So were you successful in accessing via IP?  If not then you have a firewall problem on
the server itself, try disabling the firewall completely.

If connecting by IP did work then you need something to help resolve internal addresses.
 When this is needed I always build a second Bind box that only answers internally.  The
one accessible to the outside world resolves names to outside IP's, the other resolves
the same name to internal IP's.  Then I point the DNS for all my internal machines to
the internal DNS server.  This to me is easier than managing hosts files on all internal
machines.  The other option is to add the info to hosts files such as:

This works good for testing as it is quickly done and easily changed.

You have a few problems here from what I see.  First test everything locally on the
server (send mail, receive mail, telnet to port 25, etc), once that is working then test
everything from a workstation on your internal subnet.  Once you can perform all tasks
internally, then test from your laptop externally.  This sequence first let's you know
the server is set up right, then helps you troubleshoot connecting a local machine and
setting up so your internal network can communicate (troubleshooting mynetworks setting
and server firewall).  Then you test externally troubleshooting your external firewall
and smtp auth/relay settings.  I find that to be the best method.  Don't forget to
re-check in that order as well when making changes as it is easy to break previously
tested settings when making firewall changes or changes to the  Also run
"postconf check" after every modification to the file, this will ensure there
isn't any real stupid typos in the


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