SSH Jailing? Disable viewing of dot files/folders with SCP clients?

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Thu Aug 2 05:14:40 BST 2007

> If you're going to offer this to your thin client users, jailing in this
> way will break their thin client experience in a big way.  For example, all
> of the programs they use live in /bin, /usr/bin, etc.  If they can't ssh in
> and see those programs, they basically can't have a session.

I sort of figured that since LTSP5 works so much with ssh.  I want all users to have 
the ability to transfer files from home, and having two instances of ssh and all the 
redundant user stuff just doesn't seem to be a sensible solution.

Maybe I go back to FTP or SFTP on an alternate port.  At this point I don't think the 
messing around to get chrooted/jailed ssh working the way I need would be worth the 
trouble.  I read somewhere today that SFTP can be jailed easily so maybe that is my 
next step in the right direction.  I was really hoping I was just missing some easy 
option in sshd_config to enable this, oh well :-(

Thanks for the tips.

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