ltsp server cluster setup

Scott Ledyard scott at
Sun Apr 29 03:01:17 BST 2007

I use the IBM 300 PCs in attached to a P4 with 512MB of RAM and they work
quite well. I have begun reading about establishing Linux enterprise cluster
(see this book listed on
This is quite involved, whereas setting up Edubuntu is a snap.

Is it possible you can get access to a better caliber PC to use as a
server?  Then you'd have 20 workstations.

On 4/28/07, Tim Salcedo <tsalcedo at> wrote:
>  Hi, I'm new to Edubuntu and Linux but it looks like it's just what we
> need for our small school computer lab.  We have about 20 IBM 300pl machines
> with 256 MB of RAM and I would like to "cluster" 5 of them together to make
> a server and use the remaining for a 15 computer thin client lab.  Is this
> possible using just edubuntu or is other software involved?  Also, if this
> is possible, are there step-by-step instructions for how to proceed?
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