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Fri Apr 20 02:56:47 BST 2007

I just installed Edubuntu on an old P-II system with 256 RAM, an AGP video
card with 64 mb of ram and one single HDD and one optical (DVD) drive.
Nothing else. No PCI, or ISA cards --no network card, no modem and no Floppy
drive. I removed almost everything, stripped computer of all the hardware
parts, which kids don't need.

Because i just want them to use Edubuntu for learning (math, science,
alphabet, geography, etc) and play a few educational games. Nothing
else.YetEdubuntu will not boot --- even though there aren't any other
OperatingSystems on this computer. I just did an automated installation,
thus Edubuntu took over all the hard drive space (40 GB). Following the
complete installation; It booted with no problems. However, it failed to
boot afterward. It gives me something like the following error code: Grub
loading. Please wait........ Error 17. But then nothing -- NOTHING ---
happens. It just stays there forever. Therefore i have no choice but to shut
down the computer and resign.

As you can tell, i'm a Linux newbie (except that i know how to cfdisk&fdisk
and that's all i want, as i don't want to learn more mind-numbing commands).
Thus, please tell me, in most simple ways, how to fix the above-stated
problem. Even better, please tell me (if there are ) any user-friendly
programs or utilities, which i can use to overcome this Grub booting

Somebody said Lilo is a more reliable bootloader and he said i should
install that, instead of Grub. Is that true? If so, but how can i do that???
I mean, speaking step -by-step:
1-Do i have to remove Grub before i can install Lilo?
2- If so, how can i remove Grub?
3--Where can i find Lilo to download?
4- And finally; how can i install Lilo manually on my computer?
5- Also, is it possible to save a copy of the bootloader (Grub or Lilo) on a
CD, so that i can boot my computer from such a special boot CD in case Grub
or Lilo sitting on HD ever fails to boot?
6- If i can make such a CD; kindly tell me how -- using the simplest terms.

On the other hand, i, most probably, will remove Edubuntu and install it
again from scratch. If i decide to do so, i would, this time, like to
install only the features i need and discard the rest, as (like i detailed
earlier) my computer is a very old PC and has only the basic, absolutely
essential hardware parts for the computer to function.

I would greatly appreciate ANY responses, and solutions you may offer
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