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Ian Moore ian15moore at
Thu Apr 19 15:01:04 BST 2007


 Okay I've added umask 002 to all of the below files.


 Ive also done the chmod g+w and g+s on the shared directory.

 Files created via 'touch' in the terminal are fine (read/writeable by all the users) and also the umask returns 002

 But creating a text file via the GUI results in a file with permissions rw -- --

 Doing a ls -la returns drwxrwsrwx 22 foe     foe      4096 2007-04-19 14:48 public

 for the shared folder. All of the users are members of the group 'foe'

        Is this just a bug in the gnome GUI? I think I've got the groups right.


  Ian Moore

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 Subject: Re: public folder file permissions
 On Thu, 19 Apr 2007, Gavin McCullagh wrote:
 > So, open /etc/login.defs and find the line:
 > #UMASK          022
 > remove the # and change to 002.  Again I haven't tested this, but it sounds
 > like that should work.
 Indeed, it goes on to say:
 "There is currently a bug (Bug #336214) in gdm which will prevent the umask
 settings above from working if you are using gdm (the Debian default) as
 your login manager. To work around this bug, edit /etc/gdm/Xsession and add
 the line
 	umask 002"
 and now that I've tested that, the bug seems to remain in Ubuntu too.
 The difficulty is to add the umask change in such a way that no matter what
 type of session someone starts, the umask setting gets applied.  Looking at
 the way ldm works (it promises to run /etc/profile) I would've guessed
 umask in /etc/profile would work on your thin clients, though possibly not
 if you logged directly in on the server or an installed edubuntu desktop
 (which doesn't get started in the same way).
 Adding it near the top of /etc/gdm/Xsession will probably set the umask for
 local logins.  Thin client logins should hopefully be fixed by
 /etc/profile, but if not, you might add a line near the top of
 Let us know how you get on.  It might be nice to add something on this to
 the edubuntu wiki.
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