public folder file permissions

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Thu Apr 19 10:35:37 BST 2007

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007, Ian Moore wrote:

>  However the snag I have is that I'm having problems in getting the
>  default umask value to stay as  requested. I've got two files in /etc
>  called profile.  One is named just profile and contains the umask and
>  also an extra line added by some sql install.  The other is called
>  'profile.sic'.  They both are identical but the first one has had the
>  extra line added as mentioned above.

Just had a quick search around and found this:

"Finally, change the default umask to 002. Unless libpam-umask is installed
(see below), this has to be set in /etc/profile and /etc/login.defs . Now
family group members can work with each other's files in the group
directory without permission hassle."

So, open /etc/login.defs and find the line:

#UMASK          022

remove the # and change to 002.  Again I haven't tested this, but it sounds
like that should work.

>  What am I doing wrong? 

You're following instructions I didn't have time to test.  Sorry, that's my
fault not yours!

> Also as a last attempt I modified the profile in opt/ltsp/etc which was
> the same.

That's definitely not it.  The session that needs umasking is running on
the server, not the thin client so the umask setting has to somewhere the
server would look at.


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