Problem setting up RAID/LVM at installation

Denis Melnikov dmelnik at
Tue Apr 17 13:40:40 BST 2007

> > I forgot to mention that I'd inserted the Ubuntu Alternate CD
> > used for installation. May it be the matter?
> This is not clear.  Which CD did it ask for and which did you 
> put in?  I'm
> not certain but I don't know if the edubuntu-desktop package is on the
> Ubuntu Alternate CD.

It asked Ubuntu 6.10 as defined in sources.list.
By the way why did it prompt for the Ubuntu CD? When I install
Edubuntu the only disk I need is Edubuntu CD.

> > I can't reproduce the error now since I'm far from the server.
> > But it catched on edubuntu-artworks and slocate packages,
> > and a keyword was 'diverse' (or 'disperse' - sorry for my weak
> > memore).
> I think you need to bring a pen and paper with you next time. 
>  The errors
> are there to help us understand what's going on.  Without 
> them, we really
> have very little chance.

Right. It's my blame. To excuse myself there was a whole screen

> Also, you don't say whether you tried 
> 	dpkg --configure -a
> and what result that gave.

I was not able to try it yet. I'll give an answer next Monday.

> > In addition, as Edubuntu intended for education it should 
> educate from
> > the very beginning, i.e. installation. I myself had first 
> known of LVM
> > when installing ScientificLinux (RedHat derivative).
> Could you elaborate on that?  Do you mean the install should be
> educational?  Edubuntu (as I understand it) is a system aimed 
> for use in
> education, as opposed to a system aimed to educate its 
> users/admins.  I
> suspect that a school teacher tasked with setting up edubuntu 
> with little
> knowledge of linux will already have a fairly steep learning 
> curve without
> adding detailed knowledge of LVM and RAID.

Ready to agree with you but... The nature of LVM forces to make
choice whether root atleast be allocated on LVM. So the earlier
you know of LVM, the better.


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