What's you favorite Linux Admin resource?

Scott Ledyard scott at redboot.biz
Tue Apr 10 12:48:47 BST 2007

Hello folks,
I'm always looking for better resources for administering Edubuntu. I'd like
to know what books (or other resources) you find you use on a regular basis.

I'll share first: Of the 6 books I own, I mostly use:
- "Linux Administration-A Beginner's Guide" by Shah & Soyinka [focus is
somewhat on RPM / Red Hat] and
- "LPI Linux Certification" by Pritchard, Pessanha, Langfeldt Stanger and
Dean [LPI certification is basis for new Ubuntu cert.] This last book was
recommended as an overall guide; not just a certification study guide and
it's got a very good overview of admin.

I hope to hear from you about what you've found works.

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