failure to mount root by thin client

Jonathan Carter jonathan at
Mon Sep 18 17:50:21 BST 2006

Hi Stephen

On Fri, 2006-09-15 at 15:23 +0100, STEPHEN JACOBS wrote:

> After loading essiential drivers the client stops on mounting root
> system.
> I have seen a number of questions similar on the internet but no
> solutions.
> I would happily recieve any help.
> Being new to linux please assume i know nothing! :)

Usually when that happens, you will get one or two error messages that
will let you know where to fix it. Does it show you what causes it to
not mount? Was it perhaps an NFS error? Or does it mention something
about RPC? If it says something about "Permission Denied", then it's
possible that your nfs server is not running for some reason. It is also
possible that your chroot is not exported in /etc/exports, but this
would be very unlikely since it's auto-configured in Edubuntu.


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