Educational suite for Linux?

Brad Thomas bthomas at
Mon Sep 11 20:17:59 BST 2006

Thanks for the information.  Basically, from what I've been able to tell 
(I'm a techie as well and not an instructor), the Plato software 
includes courses (science, math, etc..) and keeps up with a student's 
grades and the student's progress.  The course listings that I've found 
Advanced Reading Strategies
Business Basics
Chemistry & Biology
Physical Science
Data Skills

Jonathan D. Proulx wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 11, 2006 at 01:39:38PM -0500, Brad Thomas wrote:
> :Hello everyone.  I have recently setup an Edubuntu lab for the small 
> :school we have here on campus.  Everything has been going good with it 
> :so far, however, the higher ups are starting to take a look at replacing 
> :the lab already and using a software suite that is Windows based called 
> :PLATO (  Is there anything like this already that is 
> :available under Linux?
> Hopefully someone better aquained can answer more fully.
> The plato site is all industry buzz words so as a techie rather than a
> teacher (though I do have two children in elementary school) I can't
> tell what it actually purports to do.
> Two linux based systems that may be of interest are:
> iTALC classroom management software and
> Moodle course management software
> Hope that helps.
> -Jon

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