Edubunto live disk

Andrew buionjo at
Sat Oct 28 08:25:00 BST 2006

On Sat, 2006-10-28 at 00:32 -0500, Carlos R Canas Sr wrote:
> I downloaded Edubuntu live disk to review Edubunto for my wife class.
> I created the live cd and can bot from it. My problem is that when I
> boot the CD, Edubuntu gives me a choice to install or run the live
> disk. If I pick this choice, the only thing I get after the OS is
> loaded, is an icon to install Edubuntu to my hard disk. 

There should be an "Applications" menu in the top left corner of the
screen in a grey menu bar. You should be able to run all the
applications without installing.


> Since I am only reviewing it I do not want to install it, but I do not
> get any other choices. I was expecting to have icons for all the
> available apps. on the live disk without having to install it to my
> hard disk.
> I am running windows 2000 pro on my regular PC and I do not want to
> damage it as windoze is very particular. I have another PC running
> SuSE and I think I can install the disk on it. 
> I was hopping to use the live disk to demo it at my wife school on one
> of their PC's without having to install it. As it is now is useless
> unless I can access the apps.
> Thanks,
> Carlos
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