Edgy+1: Edubuntu day care

Niko Lewman niko.lewman at edu.hel.fi
Wed Oct 18 14:38:10 BST 2006

On Wednesday 18 October 2006 13:20, Richard Weideman wrote:
> Hello,
> We have received many comments that Edubuntu is a good fit with Primary
> Schools (i.e. younger kids at Junior Schools), but not older learners or
> environments.
> That comment is valid, because this was the first education audience
> target for the product.
> One of the areas we will be looking at for Edgy+1 is to provide
> something more suited to the:
> * Secondary / High School level
> * Tertiary / University level
> We are still working out how this will be delivered, whether in the form
> of an Add-on pack, or theme / desktop / menu swap ...
> Right now, we'd like to get suggestions as to the target requirements,
> and we will debate the best method of delivery once we know what we are
> aiming at.
Hi All,

I would love to have Pysycache in edubuntu. With it on edubuntu would be a 
complete setup for preprimary education.
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