Ubuntu and Education: New Mailing List & New IRC Channel

Richard Weideman richard at ubuntu.com
Wed Oct 18 11:41:59 BST 2006

Hello Again,

I have created:

* a new IRC channel
#ubuntu-education on freenode.net

* a new mailing list
ubuntu-education at lists.ubuntu.com

You will have noticed that some of my recent posts were not Edubuntu
product specific. Issues such as these will move over into the new list
once we have enough numbers.

For the next few weeks, I'll copy those sorts of posts to both lists.

> About ubuntu-education 
> This is the Ubuntu and Education mailing list. 
> Education users and stakeholders are interacting with the whole
> range of Ubuntu products under various academic and education
> support scenarios. Although they may be using different installs,
> configurations and desktop interfaces, there are two areas in
> which they all share common issues: 
> * Below the Desktop 
> All the Ubuntu variants are based on the core Ubuntu operating system 
> * Above the Desktop 
> Education Tools, Education Applications, Education Content, and Open
> Source in Education issues 
> The purpose of this mailing list is to discuss these issues, and
> any other education issues which impact the users or stakeholders
> of Ubuntu products in the Education sector.

Richard Weideman
+27 (83) 321-2233
richard at ubuntu.com

Ubuntu Education Programme Manager

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