Success!! And a SAMBA/winbind question...

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Wed Nov 29 16:45:38 GMT 2006

I don't know if there is a way to mount a share at login like that or not.  
However, there's a tutorial to permanently mount windows shares with samba
that I wrote out on the ubuntu help site.

However, this requires root access.  What may work, is if you have a share
in the Windows server that has all the users in it, you could permanently
mount that.  Then make a link in each user directory on your edubuntu
machine back to their directory within the mount.  The problem here would be
that they would also have access to everyone else's files.  I don't know if
there is a solution to that, it could get very complicated.  


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Subject: Success!! And a SAMBA/winbind question...

Howdy all.  I was able to successfully install and add our first
thin-client to our Edubuntu server.  I performed many a happy dance for
most of our students to see.  Can't imagine why they were making fun of

I was also able to successfully use everyone's Active Directory
usernames and passwords to authenticate into the Edubuntu server.  I'm
extremely impressed and thankful for the efforts put into the
Ubuntu/Edubuntu documentation.  I hope I can someday return the favor.

Here's my question.  Because I have winbind and SAMBA running, I can
successfully log into our Windows 2003 Server-based file server where
all of our faculty/staff and students documents are stored.  I'd like to
know, however, if there's a way I can automate this process and have
everyone's "H: drives" (the names of their respective directories on the
file server) available on the Edubuntu desktops upon logging in.

On the Windows side, these drives are automatically mapped to their
respective usernames via a script I'm using.  I'm wondering if it's
possible to do the same thing on the Edubuntu side.

I've spent a couple of hours researching this and haven't found anything
so far.  Curious to find out if anyone else is doing this and, if so,
how you set it up.

Thx much, in advance, for any assistance anyone might offer.  My
continued hats-off to the Edubuntu team!!


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