2 questions - ltsp sound and unreliable booting

Rob Shugg zed at kinetic.com.au
Mon Nov 27 01:40:10 GMT 2006

Ok, so far the apps that send sound out of the server are:

Sounds that come out on the thin client are:
-mouse over on mp3 file on desktop(mpg123)
-test button in sound preferences

I put the export line in the realplay script as suggested and found :
export ESPEAKER=''
in the output file so I think this maybe rules out possibility 2

Also I have not been able to get any to the top three to work again
from the command line, so Im not sure whats happening there - its
probably dependant on some sequence of events i had done in the lead
up to that testing that made them work...

I put in a bug report last night as Im pretty sure this is a wrinkle.
Ill add this extra info to the report to give a more complete picture

> Is there an Edubuntu thin client troubleshooting page?  If not could we
> start one on a wiki somewhere?  I have a few standard problems which need
> documenting, eg problems caused by having two network cards in a thin
> client (say an on-board and a pci pxe card).  The above issue seems like a
> good one to get documented clearly.

Good idea. Im ready to help on that when this is worked out.


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